This Blog
Here you’ll find economic commentary on popular topics in the workplace and labor market.  Among other things, I will investigate the rise of boundary-less careers, the (seemingly) peculiar behavior of millennials, and just what is up with the talent economy.

These topics tend to get a lot of cultural, sociological, and psychological analysis, but an economist’s perspective is often missing.  I will make a point to highlight where economics would agree and disagree with other points of view.  My hope is to add economic thought to the toolkit of people who are passionate about how our work-lives are changing and who want to leverage these changes for their careers and/or businesses.

In addition to my take on the current work and management buzz, I share my favorite articles and books on these topics under the “Good Reads” tab.  You can also find links to my academic research under “Research”.

Catherine Barrera
I’m an economist with enthusiasm for current issues in talent growth and organizational performance.  I blog about concerns workers face today, incorporating an economics perspective into the ongoing dialog.  I am a post-doc at the Johnson School of Management at Cornell University, where I teach strategy.  My research explores the impact of technology on job design and career development—the present and the future of work.


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